Customs Brokers – What you need to know


What is a Customs Broker?

Customs brokers are either a private individual, partnership, association or corporation licensed to assist importers and exporters in meeting federal requirements governing imports and exports for a fee.


What do Customs Brokers do?

For imports over AUD $1,000 by international post and all importations via direct airfreight, you’re required to lodge an import declaration. Customs brokers ensure your compliance with all relevant import legislations covering Customs, the ATO, Quarantine, CITES and any other legislation that may be applicable to your imported goods.


When do I need a Customs Broker?

If your importing good via international post, then a good customs broker will save you time and money. Using a customs broker also protects you from the risk of liability for lodging an erroneous import declaration, which can be anything up to a $12,000 strict liability fine.

Customs brokers are licensed to assist you in all matters related to imports and exports for a fee. This covers all government legislation relating to different departments. This process involves preparation and submission of documents for imports to a country, customs examination, assessment, payment of duty and taking delivery of cargo from customs after clearance along with documents. While it is not mandatory to use a customs broker to clear your imported goods, in the majority of cases it’s certainly beneficial.

At e-Customs Broker we’re a niche brokerage, specialising only in Australia Post, Direct Air Freight and FedEx Personal Effects consignments, therefore we operate a little differently to other brokerages.

  • Accountability – Dedicated clearance time frames (3hr International Post/Australia Post and 4hr Direct Air Freight), so it’s done on time every time.

  • Simplicity – Just fill in the 5min online form and we do the rest. It’s that simple.

  • Experience – With more than 17 years customs industry experience, you’re certainly in safe hands.

  • Niche Specialists – Providing you with the highest possible Air Freight customs clearance knowledge and expertise.

Many of our clients are personal importers – often for the first time – and our appreciation of this fact is what sets us apart. Customs legislation can get quite complicated, so we focus on communicating it to our clients in easy to understand plain English without all the industry jargon.

So, if you need an Air Freight customs clearance agent or some advice from a licensed customs broker, give us a call on 1800 670 978 today and experience the difference.