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step 1 - Select your import method

Australia Post

International Parcels

Direct Airfreight

Airline Cargo


Personal Effects

How It Works

Personal Customs Broker1. You Lodge Online - 5 mins

Complete a simple online form to attach
your FedEx documents and your completed
Personal Effects Declaration. You’re done!

Customs Clearance2. We Customs Clear - 4hrs

We electronically lodge import
declarations with both Customs
and Quarantine for your PE’s.

eCustoms with experience3. FedEx Delivers

We notify you by email and
FedEx delivers to your door.
It's that simple.

Customs Broker cost What Happens Once I Lodge Online?

Upon receipt, we request handover documentation from FedEx, which is typically provided within a few hours,
then we proceed as per below:

  1. 1. Lodge both Customs and Dept. of Agriculture (mandatory) entries within 4hrs.
  2. 2. Dept. of Agriculture evaluates your documents (usually under 24hrs) and issues either a release direction or
    an inspection direction.
  • If Released: FedEx dispatches your consignment on their next delivery cycle, typically within 24hrs.
  • If Inspection: Conducted at FedEx, typically on the next business day, then dispatched for delivery.

In either instance, upon receipt of the Dept. of Agriculture directive, we’ll send you a notification email including
all relevant Customs/Quarantine documentation. You can then monitor the delivery of your consignment via
FedEx tracking.

Australia’s No. 1 Online Customs Broker

How It Works

Personal Customs Broker1. You Lodge Online - 5 mins

Complete a simple form to attach
your Customs Notice and your
purchase receipt. You're done!

Customs Clearance2. We Customs Clear - 3hrs

We assess your goods to minimise
your Duty/GST payable, and then
electronically lodge with Customs.

eCustoms with experience3. Australia Post Delivers

We notify you by email and
Australia Post delivers to your
door. It's that simple.

The Air Freight & Postal Specialists

How It Works

Personal Customs Broker1. You Lodge Online - 5 mins

Complete a simple form to attach your
Air Waybill and your Suppliers Invoice.
Then you’re done!

Customs Clearance2. We Customs Clear - 4hrs

We assess your goods to minimise
your Duty/GST payable, and then
electronically lodge with Customs

eCustoms with experience3. You Collect

Once completed, we email you
all customs release documents
and full collection instructions.

The Air Freight & Postal Specialists

Need detailed import clearance info?

International Post Parcels

For goods valued over AUD
1,000 that have been sent
via the origin country’s
postal system (e.g. USPS).

If you have one of these
consignments you will have
received a 13-digit tracking
number from the sender
and/or a customs letter in
the mail.

Air Freight Cargo

Where goods have been
consigned from the origin
either directly with the
airlines or via a freight
forwarder at the origin.

If you have a direct air
freight consignment you will
have received an Air Waybill
from either your supplier or
freight forwarder.

FedEx Personal Effects

For FedEx shipments that
contain “personal effects”,
which are goods that you’ve
owned and used overseas
for a period of 12mths or
more prior to your arrival in

If you have one of these,
FedEx will have notified you
to contact an external broker
to clear your goods.

How Customs Clearance Works - Most Common FAQ's

What is a ‘Tariff Classification’?

The tariff classification is an 8-digit reference number and 2-digit statistical code, obtained from the Australian Customs Tariff that identifies the imported item and the rate of Customs duty that applies.

Do I need to provide my ABN if the goods are personal?

No. You only need to provide your ABN if the goods are for use by your business and you wish to claim input tax credits on your BAS for the GST you pay upon importation.

What payment methods do you accept?

We accept Visa and Master Card, both of which attract a 1.5% processing surcharge. Unfortunately, these credit card processing fees are levied by the banks and due to our low professional fees, we are forced to pass them on.

For most clients this fee translates to around $5.00. For a full list of charges that you can expect to pay please see the What It Costs section above.

Do you customs clear Firearms and parts thereof?

Yes, but Firearms and parts/accessories thereof require additional legislative processing which takes considerable time and therefore incurs an additional $50 processing surcharge.

Just ensure you upload your import permit (if applicable) with your documentation upon online lodgement.

What if I have multiple purchase receipts?

That’s okay, just upload them all via the online form.

Depending on the circumstances, customs legislation may require a separate entry lodged for each supplier/consignee combination inter alia. Our brokers will evaluate your specific import circumstances and process your consignment in the most cost-effective manner that’s in accordance with legislative requirements.

Why use a Customs Broker?

A good customs broker will save you time and money, typically more than you pay them. While it’s not mandatory to use a customs broker to clear your imported goods, in most cases it’s certainly beneficial as outlined below.

SAVINGS: Customs brokers work to ensure you’re paying the least amount of duty/GST that’s legislatively permitted for the specific circumstances of your importation. And there’s many avenues available for us to do this.

For example, over 83% (avg.) of our postal import clients pay less to use us than self-lodgement of a B374 - Import Declaration (N10) – Post form.

TIME: We provide electronic customs clearance processing which is significantly faster than self-lodgement of an import declaration as this is a manual documentary process.

For example, we clear postal consignments in just 3hrs, but self- lodgement takes customs 8-10 business days to process.

SIMPLICITY: With a customs broker, you simply provide your import documentation and they do the rest. With e-customs broker it’s even easier as you can submit online in just 5mins.

Self-lodgement requires you to complete the import declaration yourself, including applying the correct valuation and classifications of the goods based on your specific import circumstances.

LIABILITY: Using a customs broker also protects you from the risk of liability for lodging an erroneous import declaration, which can be anything up to a $12,000 strict liability fine.

The bottom line is that if you’re not 100% confident that you understand the legislation and know exactly what your lodging in your declaration, then you should use a customs broker.

Can I use eCustoms if I’ve already submitted an N10 Import Declaration?

This is a common postal consignments scenario. We clear consignments electronically, therefore when Customs attempt to process your manually submitted B374, they will see that it’s already been cleared by a broker and disregard your documentation.

In a worst-case scenario, if they miss to realise this and also process it, they will send you an email and at that point you need only to reply with “It’s been cleared by a broker, please disregard” and they will do so at that time. You don’t need to pay duty/GST twice.

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