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Which import method do I have?

Australia Post / International Parcels relates to any goods valued over AUD 1,000 that have
been sent via the origin country’s international postal system (e.g. USPS). If you have one
of these consignments you will have received a 13-digit tracking number from the sender
and/or a customs letter in the mail.

Direct Air Freight / Airline Cargo refers to when your goods have been consigned either
directly with the airlines or via a freight forwarder. If you have a direct air freight
consignment you will have received an air waybill from either your supplier or freight

FedEx Personal Effects refers to consignments arriving via FedEx that contain ‘personal
effects’ - which are goods that you’ve owned and used overseas for a period of 12mths or
more prior to your arrival in Australia. FedEx will have notified you to contact an external
broker to clear your goods.

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Adelaide Customs Clearance – A Walk In Victoria Park

Our customs brokers clear Adelaide destination consignments for both direct airfreight and Australia Post consignments in exactly the same manner as we do Sydney cargo, where our offices are.

This is because everything is electronic these days, so most brokerages don’t physically interact with the cargo anymore, we receive your documentation electronically via your online submission or by email. We process your clearance via direct liaison with the Integrated Cargo System (ICS) which is the Australian government’s national customs and freight movements electronic monitoring infrastructure and consignment release system.

Then, depending on how your international consignment arrived in Australia, one of the two following processes occur. If they arrived via international post, you’ll receive the release emails from us which include a copy of your customs entry and full instructions outlining the next movements of your goods. Once customs cleared, Australia Post is responsible for the local delivery and they assign a 1-7 business day window to move the cargo from the international postal facility, which for Adelaide bound cargo will typically be Sydney or Melbourne, to your door.

They prioritise these deliveries based on the service level that your goods were consigned under from the origin, so if your consignment was sent by express post then you can expect it to be delivered in the lower half of that delivery window, if they were sent standard then it will likely be the higher side. You can usually track its post-clearance local delivery progress via the origin postal service providers website and also sometimes (but not always) directly via Australia Post’s tracking.

If your goods arrived on an international cargo flight through one of the major airlines like Qantas, Emirates or Singapore Airlines, then we email you full customs clearance documentation and collection instructions and you collect the goods directly from one of the three airfreight cargo bonds, which are all located at the Adelaide airport.

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