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Which import method do I have?

Australia Post / International Parcels relates to any goods valued over AUD 1,000 that have
been sent via the origin country’s international postal system (e.g. USPS). If you have one
of these consignments you will have received a 13-digit tracking number from the sender
and/or a customs letter in the mail.

Direct Air Freight / Airline Cargo refers to when your goods have been consigned either
directly with the airlines or via a freight forwarder. If you have a direct air freight
consignment you will have received an air waybill from either your supplier or freight

FedEx Personal Effects refers to consignments arriving via FedEx that contain ‘personal
effects’ - which are goods that you’ve owned and used overseas for a period of 12mths or
more prior to your arrival in Australia. FedEx will have notified you to contact an external
broker to clear your goods.

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Import Clearance in Sydney - A Business Owners Delight

With some 110 international flights arriving every day, Sydney is the heart of Australia’s
customs and trade industry. If you’re new to importing you’ll also benefit from the wide array of
customs and trade consultants in your local area.

As a Sydney based customs brokerage, we provide clearance services for all international cargo
flights (incl cargo transfers to Wollongong and surrounds) for personal or commercial business
consignments to all of NSW. So, if you’ve got just a single laptop or an entire motor show fleet,
we can expedite the customs clearance process for you with a minimum of fuss.

The Department of Immigration and Border Protection (DIBP) currently has 9 offices in NSW
including a firearms cell at Port Botany, and the entire Australia-Wide Customs “B374 - Import
Declaration (N10) – Post” (manual) processing centre is located at Customs House, 10 Cooks
River Drive, Mascot.

If you’re a postal importer with a Sydney/Wollongong residential delivery address then you’ve
also got a locational benefit as the state boasts Australia’s largest postal customs bond at Clyde,
which means your consignment will typically arrive in your hands earlier than other Australia
Post intercity transferred cargo.

Due to the size of this postal bond, many consignments arriving for other Australian delivery
locations are also checked-in and customs carded here – where officers manually allocate a
unique reference identifier to your consignment and you receive a “Customs Notice” in the mail.
It’s not uncommon that Brisbane residents receive NSW issued notices, which once cleared are
dispatched out to be locally delivered as free cargo in Brisbane.

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