Illicit drugs hidden in a caravan shipped from the UK sized

Illicit drugs hidden in a caravan shipped from the UK sized


Australian Border Force (ABF) tracked a sea cargo consignment from the United Kingdom on suspicion of illicit drugs. They conducted further examinations at the Sydney Container Examination Facility (CEF) and seized 91 kg of MDMA and 3 kg of ice.

Investigating anomalies noted during x-ray of the caravan, the ABF Detector Dog Unit was put to use. This also indicated presence of illicit drugs in the caravan.

On deconstructing the caravan, officers found drugs hidden within three cavities, with an estimated $5 million in street value. Following this, AFP investigators conducted a controlled delivery. After removing the drugs, they allowed the caravan to continue to its destination.

Two men who were awaiting the caravan’s arrival in St Ives, Sydney where arrested by the Police. Two men were charged for attempting to smuggle 91kg of MDMA and 3kg of ice into Australia, hidden in a caravan shipped from the UK. Even though services of a customs broker located in Sydney may have been used, no details are available.

Gerard Fletcher, AFP Detective Superintendent said this operation clearly shows the importance of the AFP and ABF working together to stop drugs and other harmful substances reaching the Australians. He also hoped the operation send a message: if you’re thinking of buying, selling or transporting illicit drugs, it’s simply not worth the risk.

Danielle Yannopoulos, ABF Regional Commander NSW was of the opinion that this detection is yet another example of effectiveness of ABF’s targeted, multi-layered approach to protecting the border and the Australian community. Explaining the process he said “After successfully identifying this as a shipment of interest, we’ve used our cutting-edge x-ray technology and world-class detector dogs to locate a significant amount of dangerous drugs before they could reach the community,”

Charges leveled against these two men are on two counts. For importing a commercial quantity of a border controlled drug – one for 3,4 methylenedioxymethamphetamine (MDMA) and another for methamphetamine. Maximum penalty is life imprisonment.