Operation Polaris seize drugs and cash, two men arrested

Operation Polaris conducted a series of investigations into serious and organised crime on the Sydney waterfront. As a result, police have arrested two men and seized a large amount of drugs and cash.

Operation Polaris is an initiative from the government to curtail crime. The initiative targets serious and organised criminal activity at New South Wales sea cargo terminals. Team of Polaris is a joint waterfront operation with members from the NSW Police Force, Australian Federal Police, Australian Customs and Border Protection Service and Australian Crime Commission.

Detectives from Operation Polaris started investigation an year ago in this case. This was based on information on a man working on the Sydney waterfront and was allegedly involved in the supply of illicit drugs. In March 2014, officers from Operation Polaris executed search warrants at five properties and seized evidentiary items from four of them.

Soon after officers located and seized a small amount of methylamphetamine, steroids, electronic equipment and identification documents. This was from a unit on Kimberley Street in Vaucluse.

This was followed by search at a unit on St Marks Road, Randwick. From here the  police seized numerous re-sealable bags containing powder (suspected of being an illicit drug), prescription drugs, a large amount of steroids, cash, electronic equipment and financial documents.

Raid at a property on Sutherland Street in Paddington resulted in a much bigger catch. Officers seized approximately 1kg of MDMA, capable of producing approximately 4,000 tablets with an estimated street value of $200,000. Half a kilo of cocaine with an estimated street value of $400,000 was recovered. The police also seized  a large amount of prescription medication, a large amount of steroids, cash, a hydraulic press and other items believed to have been used in the manufacture of illegal drugs.

The police arrested a 38-year-old waterfront employee at the property in Vaucluse. He was charged with knowingly take part in drug supply and possess prohibited drug. Police also arrested a 37-year-old man from the property in Randwick. He was charged with trafficking marketable quantities of controlled drugs, and dealing in the proceeds of crime worth $100,000 or more.