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How It Works

Personal Customs Broker1. You Lodge Online - 5 mins

Complete a simple online form to attach
your FedEx documents and (completed)
Personal Effects Declaration. You’re done!

Customs Clearance2. We Customs Clear - 4hrs

We electronically lodge import
declarations with both Customs
and Quarantine for your PE’s.

eCustoms with experience3. FedEx Delivers

We notify you by email and
FedEx delivers to your door.
It's that simple.

FedEx Personal Effects Customs Broker

What You Need

1 Your FedEx Documents

This will be exactly the same documentation
you’ve provided/received from FedEx to ship
your consignment from the origin.

It will typically (but not always) include your
FedEx Air Waybill and FedEx Invoice that
lists the quantity, description and value
of the goods in your consignment.

2Your Personal Effects Declaration

Just download the B534 PE's Declaration
(it’s a fillable PDF), complete and then upload
it via the online portal.

If you’re unsure about any of the questions,
don’t worry, just give us a call (1800 670 978)
and we’ll be glad to assist you.

What It Costs

Customs Broker costOur Professional Fees

  • Customs Entry Lodgement - $195
  • Quarantine Entry Lodgement - $95
  • eCustoms cost FedEx & Dept. of Agriculture Fees

  • FedEx Handover Fee - $50
  • Quarantine (Dept. of Ag.) assessment - $30
  • Quarantine Inspection (if required) - $30
  • Customs Duty/GST is not payable on Personal Effects, providing they have been owned and used overseers for a
    period of 12mth proceeding the owner’s arrival in Australia. Goods less than 12mths old are Duty/GST payable.

    Customs Broker cost What Happens Once I Lodge Online?

    Upon receipt, we request flight details from FedEx, which are typically provided within an hour, then we:

    1. 1. Lodge both Customs and Dept. of Agriculture (mandatory) entries within 4hrs.
    2. 2. Dept. of Agriculture evaluates your documents (usually under 24hrs) and issues either a release direction or an inspection direction.
    • If Released: FedEx dispatches your consignment on their next delivery cycle, typically within 24hrs.
    • If Inspection: Typically conducted on the next business day, then dispatched for delivery.

    In either instance, upon receipt of the Dept. of Agriculture directive, we’ll send you a notification email including all relevant Customs/Quarantine documentation. You can then monitor the delivery of your consignment via FedEx tracking.

    Start Clearance Now

    *Excludes additional classified lines and 1.5% c/card surcharge applicable to all fees. FedEx and Professional Fees exclude GST.

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    FedEx Personal Effects, handled personally.

    As a specialist brokerage with a primary focus on FedEx Personal Effects (PE’s)
    consignments, we operate a little differently to other brokers.

    Most other brokerages offer every possible industry related service in order to facilitate
    the largest possible potential customer base, however we limit our focus in order to
    provide the highest possible knowledge and expertise in our chosen sectors.

    This approach most notably translates into cost savings for our clients, because we’re
    able to develop personal relationships with key FedEx operations staff across Australia.
    Relationships that often result in beneficial outcomes for our clients when Customs
    and/or Quarantine hold consignments for extended periods beyond anyone’s control, as
    they commonly do.

    As PE’s specialists, many of our clients are personal importers - often for the first time
    and our appreciation of this reality is another aspect that sets us apart. Customs
    legislation can get quite complicated, so we endeavor to cut through all the mumbo
    jumbo to communicate client obligations in plain and simple English.

    We strongly believe in providing exceptional customer service. Which means giving the
    right information the first time, so when you call us, you’ll be speaking directly to a
    licensed broker because one will (almost) always answer the phone, myself included.

    So if you need a Personal Effects customs agent for your FedEx consignment,
    give us a call and experience the difference today.

    Greg Park

    Senior Customs Broker
    Client Services

    Fully Licensed Customs Agents


    Corporate: eCustoms Broker Pty Ltd is a fully licensed Customs Agent in accordance with Section 183CG of the
    Customs Act.

    Corporate Licence No.: 01829C
    ABN: 49 088 615 249


    Personal: Individual Customs Brokers must also be personally licensed to lodge import declarations on behalf of clients. With 15 Yrs experience as a licensed customs broker, you're in safe hands.

    My Personal Brokers Licence No.: 01545

    Why use eCustoms Brokers?

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    15 yrs experience in the Air
    Freight Customs Industry.

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    Dedicated clearance timeframes
    so it’s done on time every time.

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    Just fill in the 5min online form and
    we do the rest. It’s that simple.

    Customs Broker save Money

    Niche Specialists

    Providing you with the highest possible
    industry knowledge and expertise.

    FedEx Customs Clearance - Most Common FAQ's

    How is Duty/GST calculated on non-PE’s?

    In the same manner as commercial goods as (per below). Some concessions may apply depending on the imported products and our brokers will assess this at the time of clearance to minimise any duty payable.

  • Non-PE’s Goods Value < $1,000 = 5% Duty + 10% GST
  • Non-PE’s Goods Value > $1,000 = 5% Duty, 10% GST + $88 Gov. Entry Fee
  • Non-PE’s Goods Value > $10,000 = 5% Duty, 10% GST + $152 Gov. Entry Fee
  • What is the definition of Personal Effects (PE’s)?

    Generally speaking, Personal Effects are goods that have been personally owned and used overseas for a period of 12mths or more proceeding the owner’s arrival in Australia.

    However, there are some exceptions, the most common of which is tobacco and alcohol which are duty/GST payable regardless of how long you’ve owned them overseas.

    You can declare which goods (if any) are not owned and used overseas for more than 12mths on at section five on your B534 Customs Declaration.

    What documents do I need to provide?

    You need to provide us two things:

    1) The FedEx documents you completed to send the consignment. This typically includes the FedEx Air Waybill and your FedEx Invoice that lists the description, quantity and value of the goods your sending.

    2) A completed Personal Effects Declaration along with a copy of the front page of your passport. Quarantine uses these along with our entry to assess your goods for biosecurity concerns.

    Do I need to pay Duty/GST on my Personal Effects?

    In general, no. Duty and GST is only payable on items that are NOT owned and used overseers for a period of 12mth proceeding the owner’s arrival in Australia. However, there are several exceptions to duty/GST free entry of personal effects, the most common of which is alcohol or tobacco.

    Is Quarantine inspection mandatory?

    Sometimes. It usually depends on what goods your importing and how detailed your invoice is. Your far more likely to avoid the delays (and unnecessary additional costs) associated with quarantine inspections if your invoice lists all the specific products in the consignment.

    For example, an invoice that lists 5 x men’s business shirts, 1 x hair dryer, 3 x men’s leather shoes etc. as opposed to generic descriptions like “clothing” or “homewares” significantly reduces the likelihood of a quarantine officer suspecting your consignment contains items that would warrant inspection when they assess your documentation, which is mandatory for every personal effects consignment.

    As a general rule of thumb, the more detail on your invoice the better. It will speed up your clearance and usually save you money too.

    << More FAQs >>

    Why can’t FedEx clear my personal effects?

    Personal effects clearances are a complex and very time-consuming process. As FedEx is an express carrier, they focus solely on commercial clearances that don’t require all the additional legislative compliances that personal effects consignments mandate.

    FedEx has issued a regulatory alet on their site to notify clients that an external broker is required if you're importing personal effects.

    Can I arrange the clearance before the goods arrive?

    Yes. We can pre-clear your consignment as soon as it departs the origin, providing FedEx has already forwarded the flight details.

    We cannot however clear it prior to the date of flight departure from the origin as this is the valuation date of the consignment which determines customs exchange rates.

    Does FedEx deliver my goods?

    Yes. Once your consignment has been released from both customs and quarantine, FedEx will deliver the goods to your door on their next delivery cycle, typically on the next day. Regional areas may have extended delivery time frames.

    How long does delivery take after Customs Clearance?

    We notify FedEx as soon as your clearance is completed and they typically deliver on the next business day.

    Longer delivery periods may result for regional locations or when delays are the result of quarantine/customs inspections as unfortunately neither us nor FedEx have any control over the expediency of these government departments.

    Can I pick up my consignment after clearance?

    Yes, however you'll need to contact FedEx on 13 26 10 to arrange consignment collection from their bond.

    Can I have the goods delivered to a different address?

    Yes. However, as we don’t facilitate the local delivery of your goods, you will need to call FedEx on 13 26 10 and advise them of your new delivery address prior to customs release.

    What if I’m not home when the goods are delivered?

    If you’re not home and your parcel requires a signature, then FedEx will leave a card in your letterbox and you will need to call the number on the card to arrange a suitable time for re-delivery.

    FedEx Personal Effects Customs Broker