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Customs Clearance for Air Freight shipments

Airfreight customs clearance made simple.
You submit online and we have it cleared in 4hrs.

How It Works

Personal Customs Broker1. You Lodge Online - 5 mins

Complete a simple form to attach your
Air Waybill and your Suppliers Invoice.
Then you’re done!

Customs Clearance2. We Customs Clear - 4hrs

We assess your goods to minimise
your Duty/GST payable, and then
electronically lodge with Customs

eCustoms with experience3. You Collect

Once completed, we email you
all customs release documents
and full collection instructions.

Australia’s No. 1 Online Customs Broker

What You Need

1 Your Air Waybill

Customs Clearance AWB Sample

2Your Purchase Receipt or Invoice

No Purchase Receipt or Invoice? No Problem

If you don’t have a Customs accepted document
then you can create your own Personal Contents
Declaration (PCD).

A PCD is a specifically formatted document that
lists all the goods in your consignment
(download template ).

Then attach your completed PCD online in lieu of
a Suppliers Receipt or Invoice and you’re done.

What It Costs

Customs Broker costOur Professional Fees | $150

All brokers are not the same. Our job is to work the
legislation in your favour, and there’s many avenues.

We clear over 83% of imports (12mth avg.) with zero
duty and/or GST applicable goods.

eCustoms cost Customs & Government Fees

  • Goods < $1,000 = Nil (Conditions apply)
  • Goods > $1,000 = 5% Duty, 10% GST + $83 Gov Fee
  • Goods > $10,000 = 5% Duty, 10% GST + $152 Gov Fee
  • Port Charges - Payable directly to Airline/Forwarder upon goods collection

    Airline Air Waybills (Direct Master AWB)

    Import Terminal Fee: $0.528/kg (Min $52.80)
    Import Document Fee: $53.90

    Total Cost: $107.79 (Qantas rates ≤ 100kgs)

    Freight Forwarder Air Waybills (Comsolidated)

    All freight forwarders have individual pricing,
    typically 3-4 times the Airlines fees listed above.

    Total Cost: $300-$400 (avg. for ≤ 100kgs)

    Start Clearance Now

    *Excludes additional classified lines and 1.5% c/card surcharge applicable to all fees. Customs Clearance excludes GST.

    Trusted by Corporations

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Almost any courier will provide this service, however be aware that they may charge you waiting time if there’s long lines when they arrive. You will also need to arrange for them to pay your port charges upon collection or you can pre-pay it before you book a courier. Please refer FAQ: How do I pay the airline port charges.
    Once we’ve completed your customs clearance, you’ll receive a release email which contains the airline bonds collection address and contact details. When you arrive, you should proceed to the reception office to pay your port charges and they will provide you with a collection docket.

    You then take that docket to the pick-up dock and provide it to the forklift drivers and they’ll recover your consignment from the bond and load your collection vehicle.

    Please note that if you’re bringing a car/van to collect your goods, the drivers will typically not hand load cargo for you, they will only fork it onto the ground beside your vehicle and you will need to break it down and load your vehicle.
    Yes, they’ll usually start charging you storage 24hrs after midnight on the day of cargo check-in, which is usually completed within 6hrs of flight arrival. Storage rates differ slightly between the three different airline bonds, but as a guide Qantas charges $0.33/kg/day with a minimum of $48.40/day.

    Typically, if your name is listed on the AWB, you’ll only need a copy of the Air Waybill and photo ID. You don’t need any customs documentation as the airlines utilise the same ICS (Custom’s Integrated Cargo System) as ourselves, hence they will already know that your AWB is customs cleared.

    If your collecting the cargo on behalf of another entity (company or individual) then you’ll also need a letter of authority from that entity for you to collect the goods on their behalf.

    The airline bonds differ in their requirements for 3rd party collections (e.g. some will accept a business card to link you to a company listed on the AWB, others will not), hence we always recommend you call the bond (whose contact details are provided to you in our release emails) prior to arrival to ensure your documentation meets their requirements for 3rd party release.

    You pay the port charges direct to the airline bond at the time of collection. If you’re arranging a courier, then you’ll need to either have the courier pay the charges on your behalf upon collection or call the bond to arrange pre-payment prior to sending your courier in.

    Each bond has their own payment processes, but all will accept credit cards. The bonds contact details are provided to you in our release email upon completion of your customs clearance.

    The airline bonds don’t have collection time slots like the wharf, it’s just first in first served. So the least busy time is between 4-5pm, as most of the freight forwarders have two runs per day, one early morning and one a lunch time, hence most of their trucks will have already left by 4pm and you should just walk in and out.

    While we pre-clear most consignments before they arrive, you won’t be able to collect the goods until the airline bond checks your cargo into their warehouse, which they usually have completed within 6hrs after flight arrival.

    For Airline AWB’s, two of the three possible airline bonds offer online cargo status information, Qantas and Menzies Aviation, where you can key in your AWB number to see if your goods have been checked in. If you don’t see your AWB listed on either of these sites, then either it hasn’t arrived or it may be at the third bond – Dnata, in which case you’ll need to call them on the phone number listed in our release emails to obtain this information.

    They’re all open 7 days a week typically from 5am to 8pm Mon-Fri and 6am to 3pm weekends and public holidays. However, each bond has their own specific hours of operation which may vary to the above and are subject to change.

    Our release emails contain the collection airline bonds contact phone number so you can always give them a call to obtain their current opening hours before you arrange the collection of your goods if it’s outside of normal business hours.

    That’s okay, just upload them all via the online form.

    Depending on the circumstances, customs legislation may require a separate entry lodged for each supplier/consignee combination inter alia. Our brokers will evaluate your specific import circumstances and process your consignment in the most cost-effective manner that’s in accordance with legislative requirements.

    No. Due to insurance liabilities we don’t provide local delivery of consignments, however you can arrange a courier to collect them on your behalf if you wish. Full collection instructions are provided to you in the release email we send to you upon completion of your customs clearance. If you’re using a courier, please also refer FAQ: How do I pay the airline port charges.