Warning to young travels from Australian Border Force(ABF)

Warning to young travels from Australian Border Force(ABF)


Terry Price, ABF Acting Assistant Commissioner, Strategic Border Command advice young travelers to know the rules before going overseas. This is to ensure that purchases school levers do overseas make it home without much trouble.

It is an Aussie tradition to travel overseas on the completion of school. It is considered an experience of a lifetime. While encouraging young travellers to have fun, The Australian Border Force (ABF) advice them to be aware of their responsibilities. ABF reminds those heading overseas to be aware of what they can and cannot bring back to Australia on their return.

Australia has firm laws about what one can bring into the country from overseas. Items that may be legal to purchase in other countries can be illegal in Australia. For example items like laser pointers, gel ball guns, blowpipes, knuckle dusters, nunchakus and throwing knives are not allowed without proper procedures.For a quick advice on what you can bring in as a traveler  you can contact a customs broker available in any place like Sydney and Brisbane.

ABF advice young travelers that if you are not sure whether or not to declare your goods, the best thing to do is declare them. Penalties for false or misleading information can be severe and may result in your goods being taken away from you.

Another serious advice from ABF is never to carry goods for other people. Especially if you do not personally know the person for whom you are carrying the packet. Carrying goods from an unknown can get you into lot of trouble.
If you do not know exactly what you are carrying, consequence can be equally serious. If you are carrying goods that are prohibited or restricted, you will be held responsible.

The easiest way for travellers to check what can and cannot be brought back into Australia, is by checking the Department of Immigration and Border Protection’s webpage. This page clearly gives what one can and cannot be brought into Australia. “Can I Bring It Back” page is available online at the site https://www.border.gov.au/Trav/Ente/Brin/Can-I-bring-it-back. Here one can get the most common prohibited or restricted items travellers attempt to bring back from overseas. You can also get details of how to declare items, guidance on travelling with medication and all issues related to duty and GST.