4.7 kilograms of cocaine concealed in boxes of chocolate seized 26-01-2016 – Page 32

On advice of Australian Border Force (ABF) officers of the Australian Federal Police (AFP) arrested a 27-year-old Malaysian man at Sydney International Airport. He was charged with importing approximately 4.7 kilograms of cocaine in boxes of chocolate.

The accused arrived at Sydney International Airport on a flight from the United Arab Emirates yesterday. Australian Border Force (ABF) officers identified the man as a carrier and followed up. Some importers use services of custom brokers even in the case of banned and illegal items. This is to avoid detection of authorities. In the present case it is not sure if the accused used the services of any Sydney customs broker.

On examining his baggage the officers found four boxes of chocolates and a container of alcohol. The boxes were examined in detail and found pellets inside the boxes which were labelled as chocolates. Chemical analysis and testing confirmed the pellets were positive for cocaine. The material was subsequently send for further testing to determine the exact weight and purity of cocaine.

The man was placed under arrest and was charged with Importing a commercial quantity of border controlled drugs, namely cocaine, contrary to Section 307.1 of the Criminal Code Act (Cth) 1995.

Tim Fitzgerald ABF Regional Commander NSW said ABF have trained manpower, technology and equipment to counter novel methods used by traffickers. Drug cartels are using interesting ways to concealing drugs. They use food packets, toys, books and tools. However Australian law enforcement are all out to stop all drug importation, regardless of how big or small, to prevent these dangerous drugs from reaching Australian community.
Sharon Cowden AFP Sydney Airport Police Commander assured that community safety will be AFP’s top most priority. The force will join hands with partner agencies to target those looking to profit from illicit drugs and organised crime.