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A Fully Licensed Customs Broker for Newcastle Residents

Not everybody importing goods into New South Wales is going to have an in-depth knowledge of the Australian Customs Tariff and all of its laws and regulations. However, any mistakes or inaccuracies given to Customs during the clearance process can result in serious delays – and considerable fees that will have to be paid. If you’re not willing to take your chances and want a totally stress-free importation experience, an Aus-Express Customs clearance broker is ready and willing to help you.

When you to come to us at Aus-Express for assistance with clearing your imported goods, your part in the process couldn’t be simpler. All you have to do is electronically lodge a few relevant documents with us and provide us with some contact details and we take care of everything else. This is all that’s required – a Customs broker from our team will then evaluate your goods and documents, liaise with Customs to ensure everything is in order and inform you of any GST payments or duties to be paid.

Our team knows every in and out of the importation process, so they’ll ensure you’re only spending money you absolutely have to. Rather than having to deal with large amounts of paperwork and determine which concessions, classifications and exemptions apply to you, allow our Aus-Express team to take care of this process for you.

Any qualified and licensed Aus-Express Customs clearance broker can help Newcastle businesses and individuals to import their goods, as all of our services are available online. Let us take care of your clearance processes today.


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