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Well we’ve got some good news… There’s a FASTER, EASIER and even CHEAPER way.

All you need to know about import tariffs

The Australian Customs Tariff is a legal act that applies to all goods imported into Australia, and is therefore a crucial part of the importing process. It includes eight schedules (or parts) that cover everything from special rates to countries of origin, and is a considerable document to read and fully understand.

Classifying your goods to the correct hs commodity code isn’t easy for somebody who isn’t a legal or Customs expert. However, using our services at eCustoms Broker is the simplest and most affordable way to deal with the Customs Tariff when importing goods. That’s because our clearance experts are fully familiar with the act and have been helping clients to clear their imports into Australia – using the Tariff – for years now.

With only a few of your contact details and relevant documents at hand, our team of experts will extensively analyse your consignment and determine which parts of this act are relevant to your goods. They’ll evaluate your consignment for any applicable exemptions and concessions that make up the Tariff. This will ensure you have a quick, affordable and stress-free clearance experience. You don’t even need to fill out the n10 form or b374 form – you only need to lodge your customs notice and purchase receipt with us and let us do the rest.

Can’t find the correct Australian Customs Tariff?

If you wish to manually customs clear your postal consignment then you’re required to provide Customs with the tariff applicable to your goods. This can be a daunting task because there is over 13,000 tariffs, 4,000 concessions and a maze of interpretation rules governing that legislation. To make matters worse, your also legally responsible to accurately classify the goods and the maximum penalty for providing false or misleading information to Customs under the Act is 15 penalty units – at $170/point – equates to an $2,550 fine.

So what’s the alternative?

Use a Customs Broker to submit your import declaration and they assume the liability, plus you will most likely also save some money in the process.

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Note: Making this declaration doesnot immediately result in a duty exemption. The goods still need to be evaluated by our brokers for compliance with all other applicable legislative requirements.